Wednesday, August 30, 2017

TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle UPDATE + Recent Pics Over 50 Female Low-Carb, High-Protein & Fat



A quick recap:  (ALSO BEING REVISED AS OF 2/20/18)

Over the last several years, I invested A LOT  of energy into writing 4 different books which focused on produce-rich, plant-based, macrobiotic diets.  I have now removed them all from print as I realized how I was still under the influence of plant foods, which I now realize are deadening our brains.

Any versions that are available are from used sales, which is out of my control.  Please let it be known that I no longer support eating a plant-rich diet.

(The following is still from the original post.)

I certainly now see how much I was under the spell that has been cast among an unaware public for so many decades now, it is hard-wired to our psyches, and challenging to unravel.  However, unravel I have, and I am all the more clear as a result of having experimented with the gamut of dietary variations.  I better understand how I put false blame on certain types of foods, or macronutrients as a result of this decades long brainwashing.  My own ups and downs with weight and fat gain ~  and loss ~ and fluctuating health issues has been my greatest barometer of what actually worked, and what did not.

It's still considered 'extreme' by many to consume a diet high in saturated and monounsaturated fats, along with lots of eggs, meat, and other animal foods.  However,  eating a diet that centered around whole foods, including animal foods and fats, is the diet humans have consumed for thousands upon thousands of years, long before having a clue about the various components of foods.   And long before technology allowed for the refining, processing and packaging of foods.

Don just published a great article on his website comparing low versus high cholesterol, health risks, and how building muscle can improve health.   It's an excellent article, and includes, as always, several research study citations.

And, as if divinely timed, a new study just published indicates that it is the carbohydrates, especially refined and processed carbs that increase your risk for premature death, not fat.

"People with a high fat intake -- about 35 percent of their daily diet -- had a 23 percent lower risk of early death and 18 percent lower risk of stroke compared to people who ate less fat, said lead author Mahshid Dehghan. She's an investigator with the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University in Ontario. 
The researchers also noted that a very low intake of saturated fats (below 3 percent of daily diet) was associated with a higher risk of death in the study, compared to diets containing up to 13 percent daily."

Still need more convincing?  I highly recommend signing up for at least the free 30-day trial subscription with the  He has several good documentaries, each providing insights, data, and scientific studies, as well as highlighting athletes, and others experimenting with a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, and their test results.  Cereal Killers, parts 1 and 2 helped relieve any residual doubts for us.  Fat Chance and The Big Fat Fix are also really good.  The food itself ought to entice even the greatest skeptics that this is an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle.

You can read more about realizing my health goals in my recent post here.

Here is a photo collage of my journey, from May through August.  I would need to look back in my photo gallery to determine the exact dates of each.  The photos where I am super bloated was after a day of eating too much high fibrous fruits and vegetables, something I still can not tolerate beyond a measured amount at each meal, or per day.

While many never thought I had a 'weight problem' clearly, I had excess body fat in the lower belly, thighs, and my buttocks, not shown here.  This as I have stated elsewhere throughout this blog is where excess fat tends to accumulate for those with metabolic disorder.  I have a petite frame, so every pound shows up.  Clearly, the fat wasn't accumulating elsewhere.

You can really tell where the bulk of my work (for losing fat, and gaining, or looking for that muscle)  is focused on my thighs.  The most recent one, lower right corner, taken August 30, 2017 was not taken as close up, but nonetheless, progress is visible!

Here are a few more recent photos, including one Don took over the weekend while outdoors at the pool.  Now I'm starting to look how I believed ~ and desired ~ to look all these years!

I know I'm convinced that fat is NOT what makes people fat, unless they are eating too much of the pro-inflammatory commercial oils along with excess carbohydrates and refined sugars.  If you haven't already taken the 30-Day Challenge, what are you waiting for?  Try this out for yourself!  Concerned about blood tests?  Watch Cereal Killers where he experiments with a low-carb, high-fat diet to see if he can 'hack his genes' after his father and uncle, both athletes, had heart attacks while still fairly young.

This ends the original post.  

Following are updated links for those interested in getting a copy of my, or Don's book, Primal Fasting.  To read more details about the book, visit my website at   Follow the link, or go to the top NAV, click on FOOD > EAT RIGHT > THE TYTN LOW-CARB LIFESTYLE.



  1. OMg Tracy you did an amazing job in such a short period of time ! Congratulations! Will you ever make vidoes again? I miss them :)

    1. Hi Anita, Thanks! I've definitely put in some good and sweaty workouts as well, but the diet has helped my efforts be much more effective. Don has his channel, Full Range Strength. He puts up videos of our workouts. I would like to do videos again, but hesitate to start until I can really commit the time. However, I may start putting up some videos on my personal channel, at least of my workouts, and possibly some food. I'm working to build my website, so when I have that up and running more to my satisfaction, I plan to add videos, and also I plan to do some guided visualization audio files, and more books.